In Honour Lily Coffin Spray

'The white lily expresses majesty and purity, that innocence has been restored to the soul of the departed'


Lilies are most commonly associated with funerals, wide open blooms shown off in their purest form.  One of our favourite flowers, as florists, with their wonderful fragrance that fills the air.

White lilies are the most popular colour to choose for a farewell, but maybe you would prefer pink, which are very striking and equally as scented.  We also use asiatic varieties which have slightly smaller heads than the popular white and pink oriental lilies, these are available in vibrant colours such as red, orange and yellow.

Once we receive your order, our experienced flower buyer will select the freshest most perfect lilies and a selection of seasonal foliages just for you, suitable for your floral tribute.  These will then be taken to our workroom situated on the first floor of the new flower market in London, and carefully conditioned.  All our coffin sprays are arranged using water retaining foam set in a water tight container that will sit securely on top of any type of coffin.  The arrangement process begins by placing a selection of foliages in the foam creating an oval shape, the arrangement is built up with lilies, each lily, with pollen removed, cut down in length and inserted into the foam evenly, adding a little more greenery as we go.

Would you like a card message to go with your tribute? Sometimes a card message is not required for the coffin arrangement, sometimes its nice to have a farewell message on every tribute, again personal choice.  This will be neatly hand written and inserted into the display.  Your tribute is then delivered to the funeral director or your chosen address by our careful drivers.  We will always endeavour to send you a text message once this has been done for your peace of mind that the flowers have safely arrived. 

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In Honour Lily Coffin Spray

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