Love Grows Planted Coffin Spray

'Let your love grow'


A twist on the traditional coffin spray, this exclusive Stems UK funeral tribute suitable for delivery directly to the funeral directors or other address, includes plants as well as cut flowers designed with the thought that you could keep the plants as a keepsake after the service. 

Shown using a summer mixture, foxgloves for their majestic beauty, they are also perfect self-seeders in the garden.  Hydrangeas are wonderful in the garden and the heads can be cut and dried after the flowering season.  Succulents are so fashionable right now and they are easily cared for, did you know that succulents mean understated, enduring and timeless love?

Each flower is chosen to compliment the plants, here we included scented stocks, which are a symbol of happy life and contented existence, also wild nigella - 'love-in-a-mist', set amongst an abundance of foliages.

Plants will vary season to season and because we have premises within New Covent Garden flower market we are able to give you an instant list of what is available at any given time through the year.  Simply call up or email and we will hand select some seasonal favourites, photograph them and send them to you.  You can then have the final say on what plants and flowers we team up together.  Or simply let us work our magic to create something stunning on your behalf.

Order online now or call 07976 617647 to speak to one of our experienced florists.



Love Grows Planted Coffin Spray

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