Garland of Love for Wicker Coffins

'A garland of love'


If you have selected a natural coffin for your loved one, maybe a wicker, willow, bamboo other other woven coffin, it can be beautifully dressed using a flower garland which looks so beautiful against the natural material.  The flowers and foliages can be easily attached through the sides of the coffin which looks very pretty. 

If you would like the garland to be full length, we usually allow approximately 20ft of garlanding depending on the size of the coffin or it can be made in shorter sections.  We think wild flowers and scented foliages are always the most sympathetic to use in this type of arrangement.  Let us know what you think once you have decided if you would like full length or not.

Our experience florist will liaise with your funeral director and visit at a pre-arranged time to carefully attach the garland.

Order online now or call 07976 617647 to speak to one of our experienced florists.


Garland of Love for Wicker Coffins

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