Nature's Bounty Funeral Cross

'Only in the Cross of Christ will we receive power when we are powerless, we will find strength when we are weak.....' Michael Youssef


This seasonal cross is designed using a hand-picked selection of seasonal flowers and foliages.  One main flower is used to run through the intersecting bars and then the sides are filled with other flowers and other complimenting foliages.  This photograph shows a spring selection including white tulips, conveying forgiveness as the main flower, blue hyacinths expressing sincerity, white lizianthus - an emblem of appreciation teamed up with rustic foliages, here shows pussy willow weaving in and out of the design. 

Whilst we can select flowers that have poignant meaning, we can also chose a selection simply for their beauty at any given time of the year.  Just pick the colours you love and we'll do the rest.

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Nature's Bounty Funeral Cross

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