The Healing Heart Funeral Tribute

'Moss rolls like moody oceanic tides – flooding the hilly landscapes of the Saiho-ji.'


There are many reasons to choose this rustic floral heart as a farewell tribute, it has many meanings from the shape to the colours and the materials used to create it.  The open heart symbolises kindest, honesty and love, whilst green is the 'colour of life'

We have lathered this heart shape in deep green carpet moss to create a sense of healing, tranquility and connection, mimicking the scenery of Saiho-ji, a famous Buddhist temple in Japan.

Weaving through the moss we have used some vibrant greens and used a deep purple selection of flowers for dignity and pride.  When seasonal available, our favoured purples include anemones and ranunculus as shown in the image, anemones for sincerity and ranunculus simply for its beauty.

Each day, as early as 3am, we select the freshest, finest materials to make the absolute best funeral tributes we can.  Our florist will gather the moss and foliages from our favourite suppliers and then select wonderful blooms from one or several flower suppliers we work to get the absolute best range!

The heart is made from specially designed water retaining foam.  Every inch is covered in moss leaving pockets exposed for the flowers and other foliages.  It is then misted with exclusive flower food designed to keep the flowers fresh and in tip top condition for as long as possible.

If you choose to have a card with a message attached, this will be neatly hand written and inserted into the tribute.  This will then be delivered directly to the funeral directors or any address you choose.

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The Healing Heart Funeral Tribute

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