Interlocking Rose Hearts Funeral Tribute

'True love, not just love'


True love, not just love.  One powerful meaning behind interlocking hearts displayed here in this fabulous double open heart funeral tribute.  It is thought that two heart entwined is the same as two circles and that love is never ending.  Togetherness and unity reflecting two people together forever.

Using the flower of love, the beautiful rose, this interlocking heart arrangement is filled with velvet red naomi roses alongside vibrant red plump berries to offer texture within the display.

Each rose is tended to by our expert florist, the outer petals removed to reveal the inner flawless petals.   The berries are cut to size and inserted between the roses.  This tribute is suitable to send to a funeral to mourn the loss of a lifetime partner.

All floral tributes are delivered within good time of the funeral direct to the funeral directors or any other address you choose.

Order online now or call 07976 617647 to speak to one of our experienced florists.

Price: £395.00 - 22inch


Interlocking Rose Hearts Funeral Tribute

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