'Walk with Me' Funeral Wreath

'Come walk with me, come walk with me;  we were not once so few.  But Death has stolen our company, as sunshine steals the dew'

–Emily Brontë

Crammed full of scented country style flowers, herbs and foliage this wreath embodies walking through meadows, walled gardens and vintage style tea parties. The perfect tribute to someone who spent hours gardening or enjoyed exploring the great outdoors. Emily Brontë connects the ever-changing natural world with death, finding strength in the evening’s gentle air or the caress of wind and rain. There is something so wild about this beautiful arrangement that we just love; appearances can be deceiving, for delicate flowers to grow on hedgerows and up through gaps in the pavement, they need to be strong. Perhaps they remind you of someone you know.

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'Walk with Me' Funeral Wreath

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