'For Eternity' Funeral Flowers Wreath

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'For Eternity' Funeral Flowers Wreath

'Flowers shall grow, and I am in them and that is eternity' –Edvard Munch

What better choice for the pure of heart than this eco-friendly wreath, completely hand made using only natural materials. Perfect for woodland, green or natural burials. The gypsophila is bound using natural string entwined with rose heads and finished with a raffia bow. The dainty gypsophila buds; commonly known as baby’s breath, a symbol of both purity and everlasting love, offer a softness that complements any choice of coloured rose.

Perhaps select a favourite colour, something to reflect their personality or relationship to you. Roses are commonly known as a symbol of love, but they carry other meanings too; lilac for love at first sight, pink for gentleness, red for beauty or romance, yellow for cheerfulness or joy, orange for energy or enthusiasm and white for purity.

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