'With Thoughts of Stars' Funeral Flowers Wreath

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'With Thoughts of Stars' Funeral Flowers Wreath

Although in truth, nothing was the same –Oliver Jeffers

In The Heart in the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers, a little girl struggles with grief, unable to enjoy any activities that remind her of the wonderful person she has lost. It isn’t long however, before these reminders surround her, and start to bring her comfort.

With Thoughts of Stars is inspired by all the things experienced, shown, loved and lived with someone who still feels close when you visit their favourite places. Using a mixture of grouped seasonal flowers, we have added succulents because they remind us of stars. Just like the little girl we can remember all the curiosities our loved one showed us. “With thoughts of stars, with wonder at the sea,” we can continue to delight in new things knowing they will always be with us.

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