'Lay with Me' Classic Funeral Pillow Tribute

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'Lay with Me' Classic Funeral Pillow Tribute

Give me a blanket of silken grass
With daisies at my feet
Give my head a cushion of velvet moss
Where the ladybirds meet and greet.

– Pauline Miller

This classic pillow is based using crisp white chrysanthemums, with a neat ribbon edge and finished with a large cluster of seasonal flowers.  You have a range of beautiful colour combinations to choose from, all of which are paired with white to create a contrast between the soft fluffy pillow and cluster of rich flowers. Pauline Miller’s poem inspired this design, we imagine the warmth of nature shrouding our loved one as they are laid to rest. The flowers sprout from the pillow to remind us of the beauty in life and our place in the natural world.

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