'Close Your Eyes' Name Pillow Funeral Tribute ANY WORD

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'Close Your Eyes' Name Pillow Funeral Tribute ANY WORD

You can sing this song when I am gone –James Taylor

This bespoke design is a lovely variation on the more traditional pillow. Personalise your tribute with a short name, word or number written using dainty seasonal flowers. The pillow itself is based using chrysanthemums with a ribbon edge, creating a soft, fluffy look.

You have a range of beautiful colour combinations to choose from, all of which are paired with white to create a contrast and really make the letters pop. We know that whatever you choose to personalise this tribute with it will be special, James Taylor sings, “no one is going to take that time away” and we believe this is true. The pillow symbolises the peace of eternal sleep, filled with dreams of all your memories together. 

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