Classic Funeral Letters

Talk in everlasting words and dedicate them all to me – Bee Gees

These stylish funeral letters are covered using fluffy white chrysanthemum flowers, you can choose any colour satin effect ribbon edge and colour co-ordinating clusters of seasonal flowers to personalise the design. This classic look has a crisp, pure finish. There is something so timeless and heavenly about this tribute.

Flowers can say it all, and here at Stems UK we know it’s not just what you say it’s how you say it. We specialise in all kinds of letter styles from the clean, bold or traditional to something a little quirkier. You might want to spell out the name of your special person; or perhaps, a word that captures how wonderful they were: mum, dad, grandad, grandma, sister, brother, wife, husband? What about their nickname? Or a word that symbolises your everlasting relationship: love, always, forever? If you know you want to say with words but aren’t quite able to find the right ones yet, give us a call. Whatever you decide we are happy to advise and guide.

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Price: £29.99 - Per Letter


Classic Funeral Letters

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