Day after Night Wild English Flowers Sympathy Bouquet

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Day after Night Wild English Flowers Sympathy Bouquet

“Comfort my heaviness”

This selection of wild English flowers captures the beauty and simplicity of nature. Like those in a meadow on a warm spring morning surrounded with sunshine, fresh air and bird song. This bouquet is inspired by the beautiful Ruth Pitter poem “Cure me with quietness” creating a promise full of stillness and light.

A wonderfully wild bouquet of mixed English white flowers with the freshest cut, vibrant green British foliages.
Each stem of flower and foliage has been stripped by hand of lower leaves and placed neatly on our workbench. Twine is cut and placed on the hook on the wall. Gently, our florist takes each stem one by one and begins to put together the artform that is the handtied bouquet. Each stem is placed at an angle in the hand whilst our florist keeps turning the bunch to evenly distribute the flowers and foliages. Once the dome shaped bouquet is complete, it is tied using the precut twine.  The stems are cut to one length and the bouquet balanced on the edge of the workbench. The lower stems are covered with cellophane to create a water bag. White tissue paper is swooned around the delicate bouquet and then finished with cellophane, tied with satin ribbon. As the bouquet stands upright on the bench we reach for the watering can of clean water mixed with flower food to fill the water bag. The bouquet is placed into one of our signature carry bags. Our florist hand writes your card message in clear neat handwriting using a fine ink calligraphy pen. The envelope is sealed and the flowers hand delivered with care.

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