Kelly Jayne Planted Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Kelly Jayne Planted Phalaenopsis Orchid

“Pain creates beauty in the most unexpected of places”

The petals on this orchid symbolise both the beauty and fragility of life. “At first glance what may appear delicate and gentle actually represents the strength of human nature.” When the flowers wither and fall this plant (much like the bereaved) still requires care and attention. Grown on a support the orchid is held up at all times. When flowers begin to bloom again the bereaved is reminded you can come back any time they need you.

Having selected the finest Phalaenopsis orchid which are propagated in Northampton, our florist chooses a suitable container. A little specially formulated orchid compost is placed in the bottom of the pot, the plastic growing pot is removed from the plant which is then put into the pot. The area around the leaves is filled with moss and decorative stones. The cane which keeps the flower upright is gently removed and replaced with a decorative stem of birch or bamboo. We then bind the stem of the orchid to the stick using moss and twine. This lovely plant is then caringly wrapped with tissue and cello tied with luxury satin ribbons. Our florist hand writes your card message in clear neat handwriting using a fine ink calligraphy pen. The envelope is sealed and the orchid is hand delivered with care.

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