Of Holding Hands Planted Terrarium

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Of Holding Hands Planted Terrarium

“Memories pressed between the pages of my mind”

Fond memories are held in a special place. They can be visited at anytime and carried with us on the journey of life. Elvis Presley sings “quiet thought come floating down and settle softly on the ground” inspiring the rich soil and beautiful arrangement within the walls of this terrarium. The glass symbolises not only a place for these closely guarded memories to flourish but the care and protection you offer a loved one in their hour of need.

Having carefully selected the combination of minature plants including orchids, ferns and succulents, our florist is ready to create a timeless terrarium. The mason jar style vase is placed on the workbench whilst we gather our specially formulated soil, gravel, pebbles and moss. The vase has a layer of soil placed at the bottom and the plants are arranged. Handfuls of gravel is gently distributed in and around the leaves to completely cover the soil. Pebbles and moss are placed on top to create the perfect terrarium. This lovely planted arrangement is then caringly wrapped with tissue and cello tied with luxury satin ribbons. Our florist hand writes your card message in clear neat handwriting using a fine ink calligraphy pen. The envelope is sealed and the terrarium is hand delivered with care.

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