Sunflower Buttonholes For Funeral Or Memorial

Boutonniere, a French word translating into ‘little buttonhole’.

Known as a single flower placed in the lapel, originating in the 1700’s, traditionally worn by men.  Though worn frequently in the past, these are now usually reserved for special occasions.

Ladies traditionally wear corsages and are less simple than a buttonhole.  A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers worn on her dress or around her wrist for formal events such as a funeral.

To wear a buttonhole or corsage to a funeral is a gesture of respect and love for the deceased.

Styles of buttonholes or corsages follow the seasons and may contain one or several floral ingredients.

Pallbearers or anyone in the congregation can wear buttonholes or corsages as part of formal or informal funeral attire.

This buttonhole comprises of one small vibrant sunflower head entwined with foliage.

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Sunflower Buttonholes For Funeral Or Memorial

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