Knowing your Onions

We often receive enquiries from clients looking to purchase a totally bespoke, meaningful farewell floral tribute suitable for a funeral.   To know specifically what one wants in terms of ingredients and style, will give us an insight to the expectations for the final design.

Having spent some time on our website, one particular client pointed out a few arrangements she really liked and wanted us to combine them into making one unique funeral tribute designed specifically for her.

We, Stems Uk, are bespoke funeral florists based in New Covent Garden Flower Market, London.  We are very proud to have created our very own beautiful range of farewell funeral flowers.   Please refer to our fresh funeral wreath section to see the following designs.

Design 1: ‘With thoughts of stars’ funeral wreath.

In ‘The Heart in the Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers, a little girl struggles with grief, unable to enjoy any activities that remind her of the wonderful person she has lost. It isn’t long however, before these reminders surround her, and start to bring her comfort.

With Thoughts of Stars is inspired by all the things experienced, shown, loved and lived with someone who still feels close when you visit their favourite places. Using a mixture of grouped seasonal flowers, we have added succulents because they remind us of stars. Just like the little girl we can remember all the curiosities our loved one showed us. “With thoughts of stars, with wonder at the sea,” we can continue to delight in new things knowing they will always be with us.'with-thoughts-of-stars'-funeral-flowers-wreath.htm



Design 2: True beauty wreath

Real love doesn't die. It's the physical body that dies. Genuine, authentic love has no expectations whatsoever; it doesn't even need the physical presence of a person.  –Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Choose from pastel tones to create this elegant wreath, filled with large and small headed roses, entwined with soft foliage. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross believed that even after someone is dead, the part of you that loves them will always live on. She said that, “grief is real because loss is real. Each grief has its own imprint, as distinctive and as unique as the person we lost.” Elizabeth also likened people to stained glass windows, saying that in darkness, their true beauty can only be seen by the light coming from within. Share the love you have for the one you have lost, spread love through their memory and allow them to live on always in your heart.'with-thoughts-of-stars'-funeral-flowers-wreath.htm


Design 3: Vegetable wreath.  ‘There is nothing that is comparable to it, as satisfactory or as thrilling, as gathering the vegetables one has grown.’  Alice B. Toklas  

Such a wonderful mixture of miniature vegetables in a wild array of colours and textures.  This is a very striking and dramatic design.  Firstly, we take a selection of herbs and greens including thyme, rosemary, coriander, oregano, parsley and chard.  Placing these over the floral foam base, we begin grouping the minature vegetables, which include carrots, courgettes, parsnips, radish, chillis, spring onions leeks, mushrooms, scotch bonnets, and much more.


So with the brief for us to create something unique for a man with nothing too pretty, yet includes floral.  The deceased gentleman loved gardening and growing vegetables.  We immediately agreed on whites as the chosen background colour for flowers. 

We created an even contrast with bright green oak foliage, traditional salal and pretty Galex leaves, before placing the vegetables.  Succulents too.

White flowers included peonies, eustoma, spray roses, chincherinchee.


Vegetables includes were beetroots with their deep red leaves still attached, brown onions, mini courgettes, broccoli, deep green ‘greens’, spring onions and broad beans.


If you are organizing farewell flowers, let us create something bespoke or choose from our range of Stems Uk tributes, colours are completely changeable to your requirements.


We can deliver to any London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent or Essex funeral director, delivery charges may apply depending on your postcode.  We can also deliver to any private address.



Knowing your Onions