The Big Picture

‘A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.’ Orson Welles

The most important equipment used in film and production is a camera and a light and we have had the pleasure of creating both items for an imaginative farewell at Stems Uk funeral flowers.

One is based on a vintage movie camera and one based on a vintage movie lamp. 

Using artistic floral license, the frames are built using wood by our team at frames for florists.  This gives us a good solid structure to build our design around.  We designed a basic tripod with an inner circle to keep the legs secure, later we are able to add detail with flowers to this.  This was the base for both designs.


The movie camera

This tribute was made at a time of year when the season brought us a whole range of colourful flowers including vivid electric blue echinops we used to edge the film rolls, which really complimented the sunflowers.

Sunflowers, know as “Helianthus”, are such happy flowers and in times of sadness, these can be used to lift the mood and help remember the fun memories of the deceased, this was appropriate for this design. 

Sunflowers symbolize adoration and it’s easy to see why with their beaming faces.  Planted sunflowers follow the direction of the sun through the daylight hours, known as heliotropism.

We used carpet moss in the greenest of greens to cover the wood legs, we bound with reel wire moving up and down each leg until the inner structure was well disguised.

Amarathus, bulrushes, calla lilies, grass and thlaspi completed the final design.


The movie lamp

Created as a truly special farewell tribute, this movie lamp was made based on a modern day lamp used for film and TV.  The colours were specifically maroon and silver to reflect corporate colours. 

We used banana tree bark to create a lot of the structural parts, it’s such a soft wonderful material to work with.  We were able to create barn doors using it, strategically pinned to the lamp base. 

The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant.  It thrives in the Caribbean and other tropical areas like Africa, Latin America and the pacific.  Above ground parts of the banana plant grown from a structure usually called a ‘corm’.  Banana bark is dried and cleaned before it reaches us, ready to use.   It can be used for many craft projects and also in recipes.  It really is a very interesting material.

The maroon colours were picked up using preserved magnolia leaves.  The leaves have a huge range of uses, much like the bark, they can be layered, woven, used to cover containers.  They were the perfect combination with the maroon skimmia flower buds, which were bursting the perfect maroon colour for this design.

One of the simplest finishing touches was the bulb, using a lily bud.

We hope you enjoy seeing the designs we have created.  To see the detail of the movie lamp, please see videos of our designs on our You Tube channel.

To see more designs view our website.





The Big Picture