'An Emblem for Life'

Welcome all to our new look blog!

As we are in the midst of autumn it seemed in perfect keeping with the falling leaves to give our blog a revamp and take it’s content in a new direction.

Philosopher Albert Camus said that “autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” which is such a beautiful way of looking at this vibrant time of year. All around us the leaves are beginning to turn from burnt oranges to reds, falling to the ground and creating beautiful blankets of warm colour across our landscapes. There is always something so fresh about autumn air, a time to reflect as the summer months fade away and we enter the final stages of 2015…

Autumn Life Cycle

Each season offers us a different colour palette, new shapes & styles. Just look at the above autumn inspired life cycle we shared last month on our Instagram. The development and colouration forming as the Chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi) fruit grows. The individual buds shown here are brilliant for stringing up and hanging from the ceiling. Perfect for seasonal events such as Harvest Festival or Halloween.

In autumn we find beauty in death without consciously realising it. As the bright coloured flowers and rich green of summer withers and fades we anticipate the colder grey months of winter. Autumn is a transitional time where the end [of year] feels close.


And the Autumn clutches the forests green
In a hasty and eager clasp;
But the leaves are true to the Summer they love,
And they wither and fade in his grasp.

– J.J. Britton (1832–1913)

At Stems UK the cycle of life is an important part of our ethos. We see nature as the perfect place to inspire creativity, find comfort and celebrate life. The tradition of flowers at funerals can be found in cultures across the world and traced back through history. Different meanings are attributed to flowers, with varying reasons for the use of them in rituals and celebrations. From bright bold Marigolds used in Mexico for Day of the Dead celebrations, believed to attract spirits with their potent scent to sleek white Lilies commonly favoured as a symbol of sympathy here in the West.

Flowers should never feel like a tired tradition but a classic and powerful choice.

We look forward to sharing our work, ideas and experiences with you on here so please follow us on our journey…


'An Emblem for Life'