COLOURS ARE THE SMILES OF NATURE - Creating tributes using one block colour.

We just love the vibrancy one single colour can produce.  The different shades, the toxicity one perfect (or imperfect) flower can produce.  Isn’t nature a fantastic creative medium.

By choosing one single statement colour, it allows us-the florist, to choose a fantastic selection of seasonal florals to create one show stopping piece.  Here are some of our favourite tributes that have been made using one single colour way.



Green – This is the colour of life. 

A wreath created using only greens – this one was created during the month of June.  Were always lucky to have green as the colour of choice as it blends so well with any foliage, be it rustic such as trailing ivy or a modern structural style like the climbing prongs of clematis.– the flowers included:

  • ‘Anastasia’ Chrysanthemums blooms
  • ‘Dianthus’ Green Trick
  • ‘Grand Slam’ Anthuriums
  • ‘Coco Bamboo’ Hypericum
  • ‘St Goblin’ Carnations
  • ‘Alissa Green’ Lizianthus
  • Alchemilla Mollis

‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises’


White – reverence, humility, purity and innocence. 

White can really mean exactly what you’d like it to mean, but most of all, it is soft and it is pure. 

This cross is filled with;

‘Blanca Perla’Nerine

‘Avalanche’ Roses

‘Snowflake’ Spray Roses

‘Alissa White’ Lizianthus

‘Miss Jekyll’ Nigella

‘White King’ Euphorbia

The use of lots of delicate small flower heads can make a tribute such a timeless special piece as the intricacy totally reflects through the overall detail.

‘Working in white makes people look into it.  White is ethereal.  There’s a purity to it, it makes things look elevated in a way.  There’s a whole palette of white…..’ Jonathan Milne.

Red – Like fire, it is power – it is passion

An extreme rich all red wreath created using;

‘Tropical’ Anthuriums

‘Naomi’ Roses

‘Coco Tango’ Hypericum

‘Scarlet’ Carnations

‘Picnic’ Germini

‘Granada’ Alstromeria

‘Red is the ultimate cure for sadness’