What to do with flowers after a funeral

Six ways to repurpose the flowers.

An imaginative farewell by Cassandra at Stems UK, bespoke funeral florist.


Flowers are one of the many wonderful ways to celebrate someone's life on the day of the funeral.  Rather than using the flowers just for the ceremony, let's explore how we can repurpose the flowers after the funeral.

Most funeral directors will accept the floral tributes prior to the funeral at their shop or chapel of rest.  Traditionally, flowers from immediate family or close friends will be placed in the hearse with the coffin.  If it’s a lavish farewell with lots of floral tributes, there may be extra flower cars to carry all the other floral tributes to the ceremony site behind the leading hearse.  You can discuss and pre-arrange with your funeral director that you would like to retain the flowers after the ceremony, most funeral directors will be happy to assist you. 

There are so many lovely ways to appreciate flowers long after the funeral, here are some of my favourite ideas for inspiration.


Pressed flowers

This ancient art form is one of the easiest ways to preserve flowers.  Simply choose the flowers and foliage you want to press, use an old book or conventional flower press.  Have a look at the inspiring pressed flowers by The dandelion fox art.

Image The dandelion fox art  www.instagram.com/thedandelionfoxart


Flowers in resin

Setting flowers into resin is becoming a popular way to preserve and enjoy flowers long after they have faded.  This is usually done taking whole flower heads to make huge resin blocks or deconstructed petals to make simple coasters or even jewellery.  The pour doctor has some mesmerising content explaining how the process works and the finish is stunning.

Image pour.doctor  www.instagram.com/pour.doctor


Flower casts

Why not use air drying clay to capture the beauty of the flowers? Press the flowers into the clay using a rolling pin, then carefully remove the flower and let it dry.  Abigail Lucy Bruford of Abilu Creations takes it one step further, have a look at see how she captures the detail of each flower, having used the clay, she then fills the clay mould with plaster to make beautiful wall art to be enjoyed forever.

Image Abilu Creations  www.instagram.com/abilucreations



Memories of flower tributes can be recreated in the form of embroidery.  Take a photo as a  memento and have a look at so many beautiful techniques that can be used for recreating each flower texture.  See Sherwood Forest Hoops for the most perfect recreations.


Image Sherwood Forest Hoops  www.instagram.com/sfchoops


Smudge sticks

We use lots of herbs in our funeral tributes, not only are they beautifully scented and contribute so many different textures, they also add another layer of meaning.  Rosemary for remembrance, for example.  See these creations by Azin Smudge for more inspiration.


Image Azin Smudge   www.instagram.com/azinsmudge


Botanical cloth dying

An imaginative way to preserve and remember the flowers associated with the funeral is to use them to dye clothes as explored by Michelle Moore Designs.  I think this is such a magical way to repurpose the flowers, check out her sock designs.

Image Michelle Moore Designs   www.instagram.com/michellemooredesigns

What to do with flowers after a funeral